NS&I Green Bonds

The green bonds were finally released today, with an absolute :poop: interest rate attached. Anyone wanting to save to make a decent return, isn’t going to be investing in these ones bit.

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What a joke!

I wonder how many climate change activists will put their money where their mouths (and glued hands) are, and buy these? :thinking:

On that return I won’t be, I was waiting for them to be released to see what the deal was. It’s a no from me at that % for sure.

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Absolute pile of…out of interest where are people putting there money? seem to struggle to find anything more than 1% without fixing it for years and when you fix it, it’s not exactly much better!

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Most instant access are really low at the moment, as you’ve noticed the fixed are only just better, but that’s about the best of the bunch.

The only other way really, is share trading, if you’ve got the appetite for that.

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I’ve 2/3 of my portfolio in funds/shares and the rest in Premium Bonds and Marcus. Marcus is my emergency fund for (usually) quick access.

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I like putting a small amount of money each month in to Premium Bonds as I properly forget it exists and it’s safe from my magpie tendencies.

But I am not sure about these coz of the three year term. The APR doesn’t put me off as I wouldn’t be putting loads in there.

Same, pretty much. Marcus is my emergency fund, a small number of premium bonds, and then investments (funds)