Cheapest Place For NowTV Sports?

So Amazon range from £23 to £28 and curries and argos both £25

Anybody know where the cheapest place is ?
I’m holding out until next Friday because there’s talk of an offer coming soon

Just keep an eye out on hotukdeals for the offers. Download the app and set a notification alert for it

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£179 for 10 months

Offer ends 20th Aug

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2019/2020 Football season pass now available. Has increased to £199 for 10 months

Offer ends 26 Aug

That’s actually really good value considering I paid £195 for 9 months in back in May when they were doing the F1 Sky Sports season pass offer.

Got an offer through the post for Sky Sports, £15 per month for 18 months. Even includes UHD !
Not with NowTV though, through sky with a dish.

Looks like the above offer is just football?? Shame they don’t include the other sports channels.

Pretty sure it’s not just football, at least it wasn’t last season. Last season you gained access to all Sky Sports channels.

Pretty sure it’s called a Football season ticket simply because the offer coincides with the football season.

The F1 season ticket is the same, covers you from the start of the season until the end and you get all the channels

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Yep confirmed, it doesn’t matter which ‘season pass’ you go for, you have access to all Sky Sports channels during your subscription period :+1:t5:

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