Now just need a payments API

We run an events company and are trialling the business account.

99% of income is through payment providers (Stripe and GoCardless and we are about to support others).

We needed to be able to separate and allocate our payments to our different events. We created a pot for each event, we now get a web hook from monzo when the money hits our account. We match this to the payout data from the provider and within a few seconds the payout is dispersed to the different pots.

We also collect money on behalf of a small number of partners. This his handled in the same way.

This will make our accountant very happy and at a glance we can see how our events are doing.

We pay the money out in batches so now all we need is a payments api to create the scheduled payment (approved by one of us in the app). Hint hint :smile:

I was a bit of a geek watching the transactions appear in the timeline :slight_smile: