API: make payments to a bank account?

Hello! I’m about to receive my beta card and I’m really excited. I’m particularly looking forward to using Mondo’s API to build something interesting. I went through the docs (clear and well written, kudos to that!), and seems that the only thing you can do right now is “reading” your transactions feed. Are there any plans to add an API endpoint that allows you to pay a contact and/or a bank account, possibly a savings account? Thanks in advance.

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At the moment paying a bank account is not supported (of course it will once the current account is ready) and pay a contact is Monzo users only (there’s a thread about adding PayM support).

It’s definitely a good suggestion though and I’m sure it’ll be added to the API once it’s possible to make payments to a bank account.

This is actually on the roadmap but unfortunately it’s quite a long way off.

Hi. I am heavily looking for this now, are there any developments?
I see you have the Payment Initiation Services API now, but it seems to require the dev. to be registered to some sort of financial authority or some other crazy stuff.
Isn’t there a simpler way to access this API?