Notifications of pay

If I’m due to be paid on Tuesday, when would it pop up in the app telling me of an upcoming payment ?
Confused as if I’m paid Monday, it tells me thur night, so if it’s Tuesday, would the notification informing me be on mon night or Fri night ? Thanks

There are too many possibilities to say for certain, I would say you’d see it on Monday.

It depends on when the person/company actually sends the payment, the type of payment etc.

A bacs payment by the government.

You’ll probably see it Monday morning to collect Monday at 4PM.


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In that case I’d expect it to be late :rofl:


If you’re being paid by bacs and your due day is Monday then it will show on Thursday evening and you’d collect it at 1600 Friday!

If your bacs payment (from the government) is due on Tuesday then it will show in your feed in the early hours of Saturday,allowing you to collect it at 1600 Monday. :wave:

I was due to be paid today by BACS and it first showed on Wednesday afternoon.