Travelling with Monzo in-app

(Hugo Cornejo) #1

Hi everybody,

Really quick sneak peek of something I think many of you will love. A quick link to the amazing Travelling with Monzo wikis baked right inside the “Welcome abroad” message so you can read it right away.

This is just a first step to make all this great content available to more Monzonauts. As always, I’d love any feedback :slight_smile:


Call for help with travel wiki pages!
(Colin Robinson) #2

Might be useful to have some way of getting to it before you go abroad?

(Hugo Cornejo) #3

Yeah, I think that’d be version 2 :wink:

We’re revamping the FAQ and other informational stuff so we will probably make this available from there too.

(Colin Robinson) #4

You just need some of them psychic crystal balls so you can tell I’m going on holiday before I even know it :slight_smile:

(Hugo Cornejo) #5


@hugo I wrote a relevant post in time it took you post this - you must have been reading my mind :ghost:

Welcome Home with some suggestions

(i know the first 3 numbers) #7

I’m leaving to go to amsterdam next wednesday, any chance a v1 will be live or anyway to access this info by then?

Thanks a lot!!

(Alex Sherwood) #8

Yes you can view the tips for the Netherlands in this post :slight_smile:

The Travelling with Monzo posts are the posts that’ll be picked up in these notifications.

(Mike Fuller) #9

Hi @hugo - looks good. I particularly like the double ~ symbol as this keeps the top section nice and clean. Could an approximate sum in local currency also appear next to the balance when overseas? e.g.

£156.23 ~ €185

(Alex Sherwood) #10

FYI Hugo’s answered that here -

(Martin ) #11

Suggestion - could the welcome screen also give info about which ATM’s charge/don’t charge in the relevant country?

(Alex Sherwood) #12

Yes, the new Wiki posts (see Hugo’s original post for this topic) will include info about ATMs, here’s the template -

(Dean Meehan) #13

Integration with other apps such as Google Trips or Tripit. (They read your emails and automatically categorise booking emails into their respective apps)

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