Notes for each month passed through

(Chris Black) #1

Hello, I have a simple idea which for me would be very useful. When you press ‘Your card’ on the top appears the all month you passed through, so what I would like is that if I would can write any notes about any of the past months ? If you know what I mean… For example last month was a weird month for my money/budget and that maybe I did some mistakes in using my money, so I would like to write there notes about how that month was, why, and the mistakes I did.
And maybe about that kind of mistakes (ex. you know when you overspend etc), to choose a date and in that date to receive a pop-up with that notes about last month…as that you will try to not do that again. That’s what would help me a lot at the moment, as just being a very young adult 20y haha. :sweat_smile::grimacing::grinning:

(Jack cheetham) #2

a monthly budget retrospective!