Budgeting for spending next month

Hey :wave:t4:

I currently still use a spreadsheet to keep track of my finances- and this is mainly because I tend to think about my budget not just for the current month but for the next month (and maybe the next few months if I know I have fairly large expenses coming up). It would be really handy if you could set spending targets for a few months in advance- and have a space to make comments/ notes- maybe under the month or under spending categories. Then it would be easy to set future spending targets and to be aware of upcoming expenses, and also to have some free text space to make sense of those targets.

I also have set myself longer term goals- such as saving for a new car, among other smaller things. Saving pots have been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING in that sense- however I I still use my spreadsheet to keep track of my targets- it would be really handy to be able to set targets for pots and to see a summary (graph and list of input/ withdrawals) of my progress towards achieving those goals!