Notes duplicate across transfers / withdrawals

When transferring money from a pot into my personal or joint account I have to write the note twice. As the transactions are linked and between pots / accounts that I own it would be great if when adding a note in either the pot transfer line or account feed it was duplicated to the other location.
I appreciate between accounts might be an issue (but that would be great also) but certainly from a pot into the account would be great. It’s such a great feature to have the note display in the feed and transaction but having to repeat the note in two locations is annoying.

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This is a recent-ish change to make it this way.

When you say recent-ish change? I’ve been duplicating notes for some time, so how recent-ish?

I just checked one of the other threads about this and that was Sept 21.

So not as recent-ish as I thought.

Hahaha coolio as I was questioning how long I had been doing it for now.

Can you link to the thread as interested to understand why that was done. Would be great if it was an option that users could toggle on/off based on personal preference.

This was the one I remembered

But I think it came in with an update to Trends? Maybe. My timelines are patchy, because I thought this was a lot more recent than 15 months ago!

Coolio. Yeah I can see the update. It doesn’t really solve the issue though. I think I’ve always been doing duplicate notes since day one of account (which is prior to Sept 21). Still think it is a valid feature request as even looking at the trends tab the note is not carried across into both rows and have to add it manually.