Option to link notes on both sides of a pot transfer

Issue: After making a current-account-to-pot transfer and then adding a note to the outgoing transaction in the current account feed, that note does not also appear on the incoming transaction in the pot feed. If I want the note to appear on both sides of the transfer (which is most or maybe all of the time) I have to manually add to both transactions. The same issue exists for transfers in the opposite direction.

Idea: When adding a note to a transaction that is part of a pot transfer I’d like the option to link or broadcast that note to the transaction on the other side of the transfer.

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To add to this, if not willing to link/broadcast the note could you provide a link to the corresponding transaction? For example, if I tap on an outgoing pot-to-current account transfer there could be a link on the transaction screen to the corresponding incoming transaction in the current account.