My notes have gone after upgrading app

I have three pots which I use to manage pocket money for my kids. Every time we withdraw and spend money from a pot I would put a note on the withdrawal to say what we spent the money on. I have just upgraded my app to the latest version and all my notes have now gone. I’ve created new notes and they are appearing.

Details to reproduce:
Use Previous app version (from about 6 months ago) - add notes to a withdrawal - upgrade app to latest version - notes will be gone
IPhone X
App Version:


There’s a new release every week, did you not update for 6 months?

I don’t really use notes but I think they are in two places now.

If you look at both ends of the pot transfer, I think it will be in the other side.

@Rat_au_van nope, I prefer not to have things constantly changing.

@Revels I can still see the notes section, but what I wrote in them is missing.

There’s the transfer in/out of your account in the main feed. There’s a note section there.

There’s the transfer in/out of your account in your pot feed. There’s a note section there.

I’m not sure which way around it is, but I think it will be in one of them.

Might be worth deleting and reinstalling the app as this hasn’t been reported before

I rarely use notes but ones I have from 2 years ago are still there

You’ll likely find the notes in your current account feed and not your pot one sadly



So, you’re right, some (but not all) of my notes that I added to a pot withdrawal are available in the account where the amount was credited.
Not that helpful to me as I need to see them in the withdrawal area where I wrote them (which now just says “joint account” against each withdrawal).

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Yeah with the new feed/mange tabs which have been pushed out to everyone now, the notes are not synced across pot feeds/home feed.

I switched it off a while ago due to lack of synced notes, but as the rollout is complete as of today, I have new tabs again.

Was really hoping before the rollout was finished synced notes would have returned :slightly_frowning_face:. It’ll not be fun duplicating all my notes :slightly_frowning_face:

Without having notes synced between pot feed/home feed, the new feed tabs are a definite step backwards for me.

@monzo2018 and that all my notes seem to have gone in the update is very displeasing!
And yes, they are def not working as well as they did.

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When you do get on top of this I’d recommend that you enable automatic updates.

There is a new release every week. Sometimes twice weekly. These fix issues as well as highlight them so they don’t snowball into bigger ones.

Not to mention all the awesome new stuff you’ve been missing out on.

What awesome new stuff or is that tongue in cheek?

I’m on auto update :man_shrugging: