Notes disappearing


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Adding a note to a transaction, go back to account and the note disappears?

Happens a lot. Tap manage, then feed, and it suddenly appears. Or has done for me.

Refresh issue?

You forgot to fill out all the information too

Maybe it disappeared.


I get this. I am often having to type in the notes twice

iOS or Android?

Iphone 11
iOS 14.7.1

I took a video of the action but would rather DM to a Monzo engineer rather than share on here

I’ve had that a lot in the past, but this seems to be a newer issue where sometimes you actually do have to type it all in again to get it to save.

It’s been a week or so since I’ve noticed the issue, so not sure if it’s something 4.1.0 has fixed or not (I also haven’t used notes much in the last week or so though).

:apple: iOS 15
iPhone 12 Pro
Monzo 4.1.0