Bug with written notes disappearing, is Monzo aware and will it be solved soon?

Anyone else have issues when writing notes on a transaction, and then tapping back to get out of the note writing screen. The written note is now gone…

I write notes on a lot of my transactions, with the bigger transaction, this maybe fairly detailed in case I ever need to refer back to them.

And it takes longer to type these notes on a phone vs a laptop.

Now every time I write a note I select the entire note, copy it in anticipation of it disappearing and then go back into the note section of the transaction, and paste my already written note in.

For help to any software developer, when I have pasted the note in, it has never disappeared twice, ever. And also it seems to do this when the note is longer, eg 2-3 lines long rather than just a few words. I use an iPhone on the latest iOS 17 O.S.

It’s a pain though and I assume should be a very easy fix?

Anyone else have this bug?

Have you ever used the search?


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Not, but I can see it’s a common bug and for a number of years and still no resolution. This is typing a note into a text field, you would think it is not a major engineering problem for a bank to let you type a simple note into a transaction field without it disappearing. So long as my bank account balance and money doesn’t just disappear though that’s the main thing.