Notes disappear

Issue: when I add a note to a transaction it disappears and I have to type it back in sometimes even three times before it saves

Details to reproduce: Just adding a note to a transaction
OS: Apple iOS
Device: iPhone 12
App Version: 5.18.1


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Same issue. Takes at least two attempts for notes to save.

Process: tap notes. Type note. Tap ‘back’ to payment summary. Tap ‘back’ to payments list. No note visible. But second attempt usually saves.

iOS 16.5
Monzo 5.25.0 #911

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This has been ongoing for me for over a year with no interest to fix the bug …my last report via the chat was not even acknowledged via email follow up… I do not have the time to keep explaining the issue to new agents over and over with no joy while paying for Monzo PLUS

'comon Mzo FIX IT it is not just me :see_no_evil::frowning::roll_eyes: