Notemachine ATMs to start charging 95p for withdrawals

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Thousands Of ATM Machines To Start Charging 95p For Cash Withdrawals

What does everyone think?
Does this prove cash is dying out?


(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #2


The charge is being introduced because the banks who pay ATM companies, such as Notemachine, cut their fees.



Interestingly the fee was reduced by 2.5p which obviously means they need to charge us 95p instead. The reduction in charge seems likely to be partly an excuse to charge people more money to increase their profits most likely.


(Kolok) #4

Noticed my nearest machine went up to 95p,

I guess it’s to cover the fact of less people using cash machines not just the 2.5p cut by the banks , but it’s just going to make more people go cashless, or find alternative machines.


(James Blackwell) #5

I’m still a fan of carrying cash I live in quite a remote area and often find the card machine in the local shop is broken so cash is the only option. I also find if on a night out having cash means I don’t over spend as I only have what cash is in my wallet.



Shocking … might have to change where I drink as they only accept visa for some reason

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