Cash point withdrawal charge

I was under the impression cash point were asked to stop doing this…
Now all the atm charge 99p per transaction since last 2 weeks near my house…

Is this a new thing…?

Being charged to withdraw your money isn’t a new thing it’s upto the atm operators to charge or not to charge

Yes, a large number of cash machines now charge for cash withdrawals. These are mostly operated by Cardtronics – the UK’s biggest cashpoint operator.

The fees will vary by machine. The retailer can set a fee in some cases on top of the card machine fee. Ultimately, it’s the machine providers discretion whether to charge or not.

Cardtronics introduces charges recently as less and less people withdraw cash. They’re unable to claim costs back from banks as easily.

Link - a brand name you may well know - often charged your use of machines back to the bank. This fee has reduced for the banks meaning machine providers foot the bill. It’s false economy to think it could be sustained hence more common charges.

It’s likely we’ll go the way of the US over time. Withdrawals from your own banks’ atm being free with use of any other incurring fees.

As soon as the charge came in my local shop put a free to use one inside and covered the outside one with a bit of plywood :grin:


Similarly, the ATM outside my local SPAR started charging recently so they’re now doing free Cashback in-store instead!

Works out better because the ATM in question had a skimmer in it pretty much every other week anyway!

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That’s what my local shop did!

She put a big neon sign outside saying “free withdrawals inside” :laughing:


The irony is the new charges will just hasten their own demise!

I wonder if this was SPAR policy then?

Good on them


Suppose it’s also a good way to get people into your shop.

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