Non-plastic Bank Cards

Scammers delight, in my view.

Instead of cannabis farms, we’d have bamboo card farms.

When I tested out Revolut, they sent me a new card regardless. They do virtual cards yes but as a separate thing when I was trying their account

Back being serious…

Why are cardboard cards not a thing? Essentially just a thicker business card that’s super compressed?

Would break too easily, wouldn’t it ?

Someone tried but they got board.

I like the bamboo idea it would be like growing money on trees.

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Bamboo is basically a grass, and is already used extensively in the East for many things - scaffolding being an impressive one, for example - and because it grows so fast I don’t think there’s much “destructiveness” in the process as implied. It’s not like palm oil where swathes of land is cleared for it, or logging where it takes years to regrow the trees (if at all).

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@Webby53096 - I signed up for a Virtual Card only, they didn’t send me a Physical card! Allbeit, I didn’t want one.

Unlike Monzo, you don’t get that choice/option :thinking:

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yea hopefully Monzo will add virtual cards sometime soon, I know its something that they said they’re exploring for the potential future.

Don’t like anything about Revolut lol, their app, their speed and their business ethics are poor as hell so id rather stay away lol


I will Close Revolut soon anyways… I don’t need 2 accounts, and I think I prefer Monzo anway :slight_smile:


No, not really. Bamboo grows fast and is carbon negative. Making it resilient for regular use is another issue. It requires a surface finish that is both durable and flexible yet water resistant. Wet bamboo decays rapidly. Cards are too big so downsizing them by cutting holes in them would reduce plastic use by more than 50% alone.

Some things to consider.

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