Manufacture Monzo cards out of an environmentally friendly and biodegradable plastic material

I have seen that one of your competitors offers a biodegradable MasterCard, why can’t Monzo? With the 10’s of thousands of cards you send out each month that all adds up to alot of plastic and a big impact on the environment. It would make sense to reduce the impact of all of these plastic cards by making them biodegradable. It’s for the planet!

Who’s doing biodegradable?

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Pretty sure the council would have burnt my card long before it got the chance to biodegrade


I think biodegradable may be more of a marketing ploy than something that’s genuinely good for the environment. The whole manufacturing process isn’t environmentally friendly.


I presume you mean like this.

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I had one prior to switching to Monzo. Excellent quality card too, might kill two birds with one stone by resolving some of the card quality issues. Can’t remember who manufactured it though.

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Problem with current consumer “biodegradable” products, like coffee cup lids and other plastics, is that they are only really biodegradable in a commercial setting. The temperature and pressure of typical composting doesn’t get there, so it’s just a type of green washing.

Plastic in and of itself is not a bad thing - it has it’s genuine uses.

Until we focus better recycling streams, and critically improving recycling rates, along with reducing genuinely unnecessary plastic use, we are a long way off from “make bank cards out of something else”.

Like absolutely focus on a more energy efficient operation but I feel like going down the card route is a very small area of focus

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The problem with most bank cards is that they’re made out of PVC which cannot (typically) be put in home recycling. Switching bank cards to a plastic that can go in the home plastic recycling would definitely make a difference.