Investec Interest rates reducing for in app Savings

Just a heads up more than anything, not seen anything mentioned as of yet but I’ve just recieved an email from monzo outlining the current interest rate changes which were quite expected, I honestly thought they’d have changed already. Doesn’t matter a great deal just for info, I’m personally using Monzo for budgeting saving a small chunk in here with majority either in Marcus or Barclays old H2B ISA at 2.5%


So looks like Paragon is the best easy access in Monzo at 0.8%

I assume Marcus will drops theirs again soon

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The amount I’m able to save is so low that the loss of a few pennies of interest won’t be noticed by me personally! :joy:


It’s getting that way. Lloyds have a 12 month saver which is 2.5% I’m using that and the Marcus savings account at 1.20% and the Barclays ISA at 2.5% all limited by the amount you can deposit.
Once the 12 month Lloyds matures I won’t know where to put it other than investing it, anything below 1.5% your losing money really with inflation.

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Shawbrook has stayed remarkably quiet about my 1.12% pot but I assume they’ll lower it at some point soon.

Has paragon already dropped theirs?

I’m the same unless it’s into tens of thousands it isn’t going to make a significant difference.

Yes to 0.7

My Shawbrook is still holding at 1.15%, for now.

My email says it drops from 23rd May to 0.8

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I’ve got an email that it’s going down further to 0.40% AER on the 8th of July.

:candle: :frowning:

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Yeah, I have the same email with the subject line

Your Investec Easy Access ISA Savings Pot interest rate is going down on 8 June 2020

Even though it’s not an ISA…

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I supect they used the wrong subject line as its going down on the 8th July not June also.

I’d suspect so. Time to change pot provider I guess.

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Which pot though? I may change bank completely.

I’ve not received and email just yet with Investec too, Lloyds still had a 2.5% fixed for a year saver up to £450 a month iirc, last time I checked with the club Lloyds account, don’t know if they are still offering that, outside of that I think Marcus is still around the 1% mark.

My Shawbrook still shows 1.15% in app.

Can’t be right surely?

None offer brilliant rates for savings, if you’re saving I’d go with Marcus.

For pots I just change to the highest rate for quick savings I will be spending soon.

To who? Very very very few are anywhere near 1%