Our vision to help people earn more from their savings

I believe this referring to :monzo: Monzo linking with Chip on marketplace? And helping people save with automatic savings using transaction data :receipt:.

With the potential to earn 5% bonus p.a. on your savings by recommending friends.

This is good as it has instant access to you funds :moneybag:

This will be for both :monzo: Monzo & Starling using who have previously long been able to use this.

Little plug here :wink: my referral code is: 3RIIZI

Download app for :apple: Chip - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/chip-automatic-saving/id1141297472?mt=8

Android :android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=to.chip.app&hl=en_GB


:monzo: v3.0

That’s what I see. There’s no 1% non-ISA savings pot so I wonder what @permotio is referring to.

@seank I’m not sure if you were replying to me, but I don’t think it relates to Chip. @permotio’s post suggests it is something that has returned. Chip connectivity with Monzo has not yet been launched.


Click through to the ISA option and it asks whether you want to make it an ISA or not.


How many screens do you have to click through after clicking “Flexible Savings Pot” shown in @Dunsford’s post to get to that screen? When I click on “Flexible Savings Pot” I immediately get to the following screen but have not gone any further because I don’t want to open an ISA


That’s strange - it’s there for me. Perhaps it’s rolling out slowly?

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I suppose. Or some kind of test.

So when you click, “No, don’t make it an ISA” do you just get a non-ISA Easy Access savings account? Is it on the same terms as the ISA? (provider, rate, minimum opening deposit etc)

I don’t get any of those. I’ve got a button that asks if I want a notification when they are made available.

That’s weird. I thought at least the 1.14% ISA was now available to everyone.

Ah of course. I already have one of those, that would be why.


It was an email i received the other week saying that they were launching with Monzo & Starling but yes it might something else Monzo is launching too but it was just a guess for me.


Are you going to make it simple to convert a savings pot?

For example I have an Invetech Pot with say £10,000 in… currently offers 1%
But then say I want to move it to a new provider via Monzo whos going to pay me 2%

I don’t want the hassle of moving money out of one pot, closing it, open another and add the money… Will I be able to just simply change the Pot to another provider without the need for manual input.


And in a similar vein are you going to offer transfers in? I’ve got money in a Cash ISA elsewhere that I’d like to move over.

It will depend who they go with but most Cash ISA providers let you transfer in (it seems fairly illogical not to)

Sorry, I meant an automatic transfer where I tell :monzo: where my money currently is and they just take care of it for me like CASS for a current account.
This is half way there, I need to manually close my existing Cash ISA down and move the money into my :mondo: account.

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That is what I thought you meant and definitely the right way for it to be done.

Switching to get the best interest/the right pot for you should be simple

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Unfortunately, right now we can’t let you transfer money from an existing cash ISA into one with us. But it’s something we’re hoping to introduce in the next few months.


Oh, that’s a pity. I’ve ended up with an orphaned Cash ISA because I used CASS to go #FullMonzo :slightly_frowning_face:

Guess I’ll have to leave it with my old bank until you have a way to do it.

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If you’re not seeing the non-ISA Savings Pot, try updating your app. We’re also rolling these out gradually, so they might not be with you yet. Stay tuned!


@MaxWinston PS This is how RateSetter are doing it - means printing a form off and sending it in (because they require a signature?). Reckon :mondo: can do it better!