Non-English regions with commas instead of periods not supported

I was wondering why Monzo wasn’t letting me make a standing order for 25.75. Took me a while to figure out, but it’s because my iPhone was localized to Italian that uses the comma instead of the period for decimals and monzo saw it as an incompatible character. However the localized digit-only keyboard doesn’t allow you to switch between period or comma as it’s determined by the OS.

Unfortunately this is something you can’t switch without switching your region as the built in iOS digits keyboard only has the localized decimal separator.

Once I switched to Uk it worked as the comma turned into a period.


  • Support other separators and auto-correct (risky)
  • Override iOS keyboard with supported separator

I can see this as a problem for language learners. Setting your phone to the language you are learning is a common trick.
Then again, I once set my phone to German. The HSBC app defaulted to Spanish leaving me unable to use it.


Yes, I’ve got this problem! I have my phone set to french. As a student, I’m incredibly petty, so my friends and I do often want to send money to each other without rounding up or down to the nearest integer. This seems like a simple oversight on Monzo’s part, but it should be a pretty easy fix?

Would be great to have it sorted! How do we draw a technician’s attention to this?