ISK problem

As I can’t seem to find any Feedback or “talk to us” option in the app any more…

Transactions in Icelandic Króna (ISK) are showing up incorrectly: they are divided by 100 for some reason.

For example, 856 ISK would show up in the app as just 8. The sterling conversion is correct.

Can this be fixed, please?

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Help > “contact us”

It’s happened before

I wonder if @AlanDoe can comment as he picked up that last thread.

I also noticed this on my recent trip but hadn’t got round to reporting it

Yes, I reported a similar problem 5 years ago. Who knew it was so difficult to get the order of magnitude correct on currency conversions?

It’s definitely not a comma vs decimal place thing - the exchange rate here should just be ISK 165 with no decimal at all. The transaction was ISK 4300, but it’s had the last two digits lopped off.