Non Embossed Business Pro Card

Feedback. Non Embossed Business Pro Card
Like the concept below:

Is this an actual thing or a concept or what? I have very little context

It’s in feedback and ideas, so I’d guess a concept. Vote for it if you want it!

It’s a concept I made. Right now the front business name is embossed. It would be better if it was printed like the details on the back of the card

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How did you make this card ?

I didn’t make the card. I just removed the embossed writing on the front and replaced it with text to impression it was printed

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You mean photoshop the embossed part ahh right because I have this card no way it can be removed physically but thanks

Yes like it says at the top. Concept :joy::joy::man_facepalming:

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Likey lots :smiley: :grinning: :smiley:

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Looks a bit messy with all that black stuff smeared all over it :smirk:

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I think thats the normal Monzo Business card. There is two different types of Monzo Business Cards depening on if you pay £5 per month for the pro features

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Your whole card number is visible on your post. You might want to delete that picture


Thank you :blush: