Customisable Business Cards

Please can we have customisable business cards at a price?

Would be great to see business logos and logo scheme colours along a Monzo Business card. I have 2 business accounts with Monzo and sometimes it’s easy to mix them up

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@revels will probably be along in a hot minute to either:

  1. Tell you it’s the worst idea anyone has ever suggested.
  2. Link you to a bunch of threads where it’s already been suggested to little or no fanfare.
  3. Or both.

But before that happens I wanted to say I like your idea and think it would be cool. I’m doubtful it’s something Monzo would ever do. But there is probably a USP in there to offering essentially co-branded business debit cards that might turn a few heads.

I’ve voted on your idea and would suggest you do too!


Top 5 I think. They look hideous. No exceptions.

Business design is slightly different. Still incredibly unlikely.

It’s both on this occasion.


I’m sure that you could buy a small clear vinyl sticker of your logo to stick in the corner of your card to achieve the same result.

It would also be a fraction of the cost, compared to if Monzo had to produce a one-off card design just for you.