Monzo card embossing

Hi Monzo,

I have received my monzo card but the embossing card was way better as the new card without the embossing the writing gets rubbed off.

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I find the non embossed much easier to read when I do need to use my card, which admittedly is not a lot

My latest card was embossed, pretty unexpected

I find embossed cards damage other cards in my wallet


Embossed plastic cards seem more durable to me

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Embossed cards give you uncontrollable flatulence. #truefact


When did you get the card? I got a new card about a month ago as my old one was expiring and the card came embossed (personally I’d have preferred it wasn’t as they fit better in my wallet and don’t damaged the other non-embossed cards in there)

Got it last month