No statements from 2017?

How can I retrieve statements form 2017. It is only sending me statements from the 19/03/2018.

I need these for my accounts.

Heya :wave:

Hmm, that’s odd!

Did you have a Monzo Current Account (Not the PrePaid card) back in 2017?

I setup my Current Account in August 2017 and I’ve got statements as far back as then :boom:


I’d get in touch with Monzo. They can send them. Mine go back to 2017. Unless, as @nexusmaniac said, you were on prepaid then.

Prepaid statements wouldn’t be automatically included in any data exported from the app :+1:

We can generate most of them manually through internal tools, but in some cases they have to be escalated to Techspecs (like myself!) to run my clever script to generate them psudo-manually so it could be a 24 hour wait for some people :disappointed:


That makes sense & rather inconvenient but yes, if this could be done it would really help out.

What do you need me to do?

Just message us through the app :slight_smile:

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