Summary from April 2017?

Hi, I have searched for an answer to this but can’t find it anywhere, but is there a way to get my monthly summaries from when I first got my Monzo account? At the moment I can only go back to November 2017, even though I opened my account in April 2017.

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you

Seems that summary is only available from when you turned on summary 2.0 and the same for statements.

If you’re trying to see how much you spent then the feed is available from when you first signed up.

For me it goes back to September 2017 because that’s when the Current Account was opened for me.

I think you would have been on prepaid account in April 2017 - Maybe ask Monzo on Chat to produce your prepaid card statement for the period.

Thank you Sean, that makes sense

Thank you, I will contact them to see if i can get statements from my pre-paid days, thanks for the advice