No password for top up requested - would prefer this form of security

(Julia) #1

Hi Monzo Peeps,

I went to top up for the first time as I had used up my initial £100 deposit. I was disappointed to find I can just click on top up and there is no request for a password. As a result of this I may stop using the card. Can you advise whether you plan to include a password at this point? Thank you


You need access to the app if you would like to top up, and you can turn on Touch ID to restrict access to the app. Monzo required a passcode to send money from your Monzo account to someone else’s.

The top up process assumes that you are using your own debit card to top up your Monzo account, therefore you don’t need to enter a passcode everytime you wanna transfer from your debit to Monzo.

If there’s any other reason for wanting the passcode, let me know? :slight_smile: