Topup- Card CVV

I have a suggestion. Monzo app should include an option to enter the CVV number of the credit/debit card (used for the topup) for every topup. This will give an extra layer of protection against any unauthorised transaction.


they can top up my card whenever they want :slight_smile:


Why is it like that? I thought you only can topup your Monzo card

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I’m assuming you’re using android. On ios devices you have the ability to fingerprint protect the app so hopefully that or a pass code solution comes to android as well.

I fully understand the op’s concerns about unauthorised top-ups, as they could get you down into the red but as with anything - your phone should be sufficiently secured with a lock screen authentication.

I’m happy not to have to give the CVV every time I top up. The transaction is only the transfer of funds between my own accounts after all using details that have already validated via the CVV when the card was first linked.
I really can’t see the benefit here and this would just add an unnecessary annoyance. The security needs to be on expenditure not income to your Monzo account.


I agree that this is low risk, particularly if you switch on Touch Id or use a third party app to make access to the Monzo app more difficult. It would cause hassle for lots of users while benefiting very few & the impact, if this feature is abused, is only short term.

Top-ups by card will still be an option after the current accounts launch -

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The potential risk is there particularly for Monzo Android app where there is no Pin/fingerprint security on the App and has to rely on third party application. There is also no notification for the top up as the account holder may not even know that unauthorised topup is made.
It may not be a big effort to enter three digits CVV for topup which can a selected as an option if the account holder wants an extra layer of security and this is the standard for most of the online transactions.

A pin on the app is better. Having to have the card to hand and look up the CVV is a pain

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Putting the Monzo app on my Android phone was the incentive I needed to strengthen my overall security on the phone from pattern to password. I agree that putting in the CVV every time would just be another thing to remember. Better to secure the whole lot.


I completely agree. My first concern with monzo ( I started using it a week ago) was the security. I don’t like that when you top up you don’t need to put any password. The top ups should be secured. This should be an optional function. For example even if you top up with EE your phone you enter a password. This is much more secure I think. Otherwise anyone just can top up your monzo card and then use it. I hope Monzo will think about it! This is my real concern.

There was mixed feedback around this area, including no authentication on app itself. One of the solutions was to put Monzo app on App Locker type of program (or available for One Plus owners in OxygenOS by default). It will not lock topups as you’d like to, but it will put a lock on Monzo app, so technically you’ll achieve something really similar. :slight_smile:

I personally don’t mind top-ups working like this, because I’ll stop using it once Monzo releases current accounts. Monzo will become my main account, so I’ll not store card for top-ups at all.
I was more fussed about app not having any lock, so now I authenticate with fingerprint when opening Monzo app. In addition to general phone lock, I’m content with situation.

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