Top up using a Debit card


The overall experience so far has been very good. I am really happy with the service and the flexibility. Nevertheless there is one thing I don’t particularly like. The application stores the details for your card when you do the activation top up of 100£. I did my second top up and I wasn’t asked for the card’s security code. Additionally there is no option if I don’t want other card details stored in my application. The point I am trying to make is that top up is nice to be easy but this is way to easy which is a bit worrying from a safety point of view. In the future I would like to have the option to store my card details for top up and to confirm the top up by entering the card’s security code. .

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Here’s why the CVV code isn’t requested again by Monzo -

But I take your point about being given the option. That’s a very common security measure, that’s put in place for different types of payments so Monzo will have made a conscious decision not to deploy it.

You should of course protect your phone with a pin. If you’re an iOS user, you can also require Touch Id verification in order to open the Monzo app.

At the end of the day, if someone got hold of your phone, the worse they can do is top up your own account. There’s not much incentive for someone who’s stolen your phone to do that.

Monzo does monitor how often an issue like the one that you’re anticipating occurs, if it happens too often, you can be sure that they’ll enable the option.


Hello Alexs,

Still I would like to have the ability to manage my account and delete any stored information about other cards.


Yes, but if your phone has been stolen along with your card (handbags do get nicked!) the Monzo card could be used and topped up many times before the linked debit card could be stopped. I agree with Corto - I would prefer another security step.