UX on Timeline and pot views

I’m using Android and on the whole I do like the UI redesign that happened a while back. That said, I find the general UX and functionality of the “Back” button counter intuitive and super frustrating sometimes.

When you open the app, you’re greeted by your Current Account timeline. I feel using the back button take you to the screen which lists your accounts or pots rather than exit the app. There is president in other applications on the Play store that do sometimes require you to press the back button multiple times to actually exit the app.

The bit I find most infuriating though, is once you’ve closed down the timeline, gone to the list of pots, selected a Pot to view and then you press the back button on your phone when you’re done and want to look at another pot, or your current account… the app closes.

Intuitively I’d expect (at least when you’re looking at a pot) for the back button to send you back to the list of accounts/pots screen rather than just exit the app. This catches me out every time because its just not how I expect it to work

An alternate solution would be to make better use of the home button. This currently seems to snap you to your current account view - I think a good expansion to this would be that when you’re already looking at your main account, an additional press could take you to the account overview where you can see your list of pots etc - These changes I think would make general navigation a lot smoother.

These are just my thoughts though, so comments/feedback are welcome :slight_smile:

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