Nintendo Switch 'Lite' Details

So looks like Nintendo have release information on the Switch ‘Lite’.

Can’t connect to the TV (handheld only), smaller screen, array of colours and circa $100 cheaper than the flagship model.

Gotta question whether the barrier to entry was the price, or the lack of games it has on it (apart from BoTW, Dark Souls and the upcoming Pokémon game).

What do people think? Will this be another Wii U or can it reinvigorate gaming like the Game Boy once did?

In my mind it isn’t fixing a general barrier to entry, given the switch was the best selling console of 2018 (source: and I think their best selling console ever(?).

I see it more as just opening up another avenue/swathe of customers?

I have an Xbox one but have been hugely jealous of not being able to play Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and soon Sword and Shield. Was wanting one but really not something I felt I could spend £280 on. The Lite being nearly 2/3 of the price seems a lot more reasonable, especially as I’d be very happy sneaking in 30 minutes on my commute or longer journeys at weekends when I couldn’t play my Xbox anyway (yet…Xcloud might change that soon ofc).


Is that just because: Its relatively, the “newest” console out and therefore the PS4 and Xbox One have already done their sales figures (being crica 5 years old now and the end of their generation cycle).

No where near! - Gameboy (original) sold 118 million and the original DS 150 million units! The only console to beat those two is the PS2!

I’d love the Switch as it looks like it is being looked at more seriously (I fear the Wii and Wii U and to some extent the DS was never looked at by developers seriously) and with a drop of crica £100 in price tag, it looks like it could become a great handheld system.

The problem for me is, they are dropping the “Switch” element with the lite version - so basically just a vamped up DS :man_shrugging:t2:

It’s interesting watching all the reactions to it at the mo. A lot of loud upset consumers it seems.

I love my switch, and I can see the value in this if it makes it more accesible to some consumers who might not spend £300 on the full size console.

If you’re the type of user who would never use it plugged into the TV, or mostly use it when travelling, it makes perfect sense I think.

It’s not for me thoguh.

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I just sometimes question Nintendo’s working - that’s all. I think the Lite looks great - but the problem is whether developers will get behind it (my opinion is probably not).

The best Switch Games as of right now as far as I know (don’t have a Switch) are all first party. That’s a problem for a consoles longevity.

There are rumours they’ll be releasing a “Pro” version of the Switch, but can’t help but think that with the new generation on the horizon, whether this is a smart move. The best selling Nintendo Consoles have been handheld exclusively, why not run with that, forget the docking and “Switching” and focus on making the most powerful and accessible (for developers) handheld system.

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This feels like Classic Nintendo sales model at the moment though right? It feels like it’s going down the route of the Nintedo DS Lite 3D touch Premium Pro.

It seems like targeting “home user” and “travelling user” will be better for them, but then makes me think the next version of the switch will be a more powerful, non portable, home unit.

All I know is, it’s currently a very expensive Zelda Machine

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No I agree, its is exactly in line with what they’ve been doing - it just overall seems very very weird. Maybe it is more successful in the Asian markets and so that’s why they do it.

And that is my reservation about getting one. Especially with the lack of any confirmation of good third party developers working with the system. The first party devs can only release so many BoTW, Pokemons and Mario’s in a generation cycle.

Haha wow okay very off there. Extremely fast tho ( - apparently outpacing One and PS4 at same point in lifecycle at time of this article. Which I think negates some of the ‘newness’ factor as the speed was still higher?

Although I do agree that it didn’t have to directly compete whereas ovi PS4 and One went head to head.

I’m buzzed about it for sure. And to respond to some of your points lower down, yeah maybe it’s mostly first party that is doing great things. But Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey appear to be two of the ‘best’ games released…ever?

And honestly, I would like to play Zelda and that and Pokemon enough that a £200 purchase can work for me. Not enough for £280, otherwise I would’ve copped ages ago.

So making it a cheaper Zelda machine means people like me can buy it.

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Yeah I think it does, however you have to take it in the round, the PS4 and Xbox were circa £450-500 machines at launch, so naturally not going to fly off the shelves as fast, and have to compete with each other (both mainstay consoles) the Switch is pretty much in a league of its own.

From what I’ve BoTW looks like one of the best games of this Gen, Mario I’m honestly not so sure, great game but best ever?

But again, its first party, you can’t expect another BoTW to come out straight away. If you look at what is being done on the PS4 and Xbox, there are so many games that hit the same review scores as BoTW and Mario - both first party and third party. That is my biggest thing about the Switch.

As much as I’d like to play BoTW, is it worth £250? (Lite plus Game) - absolutely not. I also don’t see that many triple AAA, 9 or 10 out of 10 games being released that often, so I’d be either stuck playing the same game or sub-par games. I’d rather hold out another year or so for the PS5.

Well, sequel just announced tbf so maybe not too long :man_shrugging: :grimacing:

Yeah, def see your points. For me, getting back into the Nintendo ecosystem to play some amazing first party, and I’m sure some fun indies as well (my friend pedro not on xbox sadly for instance) is def worth the £200 imo.

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I would argue that it is, one of the best games I have played in the last while. Like a casual Skyrim :grin:


I’m not saying it isn’t good - and I do want to play it (I’m currently at 100 odd hours in Witcher 3 so you get what kinda games I like) - but unfortunately, for me, until some more AAA games are in the library I probably won’t cop as it is just very expensive for a handheld only console.

This is especially relevant as the next generation of consoles will likely be announced within the year.

TLDR; I want to play BoTW soooooo very badly, but not £250 badly :rofl:

Controversial opinion - I think Skyrim is overrated :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Get out!

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Oblivion and Fallout NV are FAR superior games (granted one is made by a different studio but similar IP).

Witcher 3 and Persona 5 are IMO the two best games I’ve ever played.

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I will be honest I never went back to play NV it was so broken when it was released it got uninstalled and I never finished it.

To me Deus Ex the original game is still the best game I think I ever played.


NV is honestly so so good and so much fun - Think best parts 3 and 4 smushed together!

The developers are working on a new IP (but basically the Fallout 4 we actually wanted) - The Outer Worlds - think it comes out next year, saw some E3 stuff and it looks good!

Never touched a Deus Ex game! CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 looks Deus Ex esque though so excited for that!

I preferred Skyrim to BoTW, to be honest. I found Zelda to be pretty impenetrable. There’s so many systems, so much lore that encourages exploration, but equally makes exploration challenging due to the way the game is structured. You need to complete the shrines in order to win the orbs that you can exchange for hearts to increase your stamina and health, but it means you are having to run away from everything in pursuit of new shrines to complete.

If you like Dark Souls, which is also pretty impenetrable unless you want to scratch around hunting for a story, BoTW may be great. Skyrim and the Witcher 3 I’ve found to be far more enjoyable (as multi-year time-sinks go).

Just realized there are some switch games that can only be played using detached Jon Cons so this new console wouldn’t be compatible :thinking:

Indeed. Arms is the first that comes to mind, but Mario Odyssey is heavily dependent on motion controls too.

Firstly - how can they even call this the ‘Switch” anymore? :joy: $150 seems fairer - or $200 with 2ds-esque compatibility.