Nintendo Switch 2 (New Console)

Seems a reveal may not be too far off.

I expected this - I figured before Tears of The Kingdom that between that game and a final Mario (which we now know is Super Mario Wonder) that the two of them would represent something of a swansong for the current generation.

You never know with Nintendo but I’m not expecting a completely different looking console, particularly since it’s supposed to be backwards compatible.

I expect it to be a beefed up version of the OLED Switch, with a camera and a new chipset and GPU, basically.



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Because Nintendo

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For a Face Raiders sequel of course!


a) I hate this

b) surely this could be done with a connected phone to get your face into the game if you were so keen on it?

Maybe for streaming? The PS5 has the HD camera accessory and you can stream directly to Twitch/YouTube.

Whereas with the Switch, lots of people stream with it but you need a capture card into your PC and to do it via OBS.



Nintendo Switch 2 will be a day one buy for me.

The original I went to the midnight launch, me and 3 other random dudes showed up lol. I felt a bit sorry for the staff who had to come in and open up just for that.


Yet by Christmas people were fighting outside stores to get them

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I really hope they just phone it in and don’t try to over complicate it.

Modern SOC, 1080P OLED display, figure out joycon drift, fully backwards compatible.

Take my money.