Manual payment nicknames

I have a couple of different account details for friends, under the recent payment tab it where itjust display’s their names and in small font sort code and account number. What would I would like to see is the possibility of nicknaming them instead of guessing

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This is something I’ve been meaning to ask for and turns out it has already been suggested here, so this is my +1.

The recipient / payee list really isn’t helpful as of right now… it’s just my name repeated with different account numbers. To disambiguate the recipient, that’s where the reference comes in handy. In Santander and Barclays, I can easily see where it’s going by giving it a reference such as Barclays or Monzo. That reference is shown in the list.

With Monzo, that reference isn’t retained, so I genuinely have to look up the account numbers to work out which one is which.

After doing a bit of research, you can in fact use the recipient name as a nickname, as the receiving bank only cares about sort and account. So I could theoretically put Nicholas Martin (Barclays) as the recipient so that I can see it in the list.

So there are two options… add the reference to the list, or make it clear that the recipient name doesn’t need to be treated as “name exactly as it appears on the account”.

Any thoughts on the above?

I think I remember seeing a post from Tristan a while back that they were looking to allow us to add a number of different accounts under one contact. So you’d jump into that contact and pick from Barclays, Natwest etc. Which I think would be a cleaner experience?

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