Nicknames for recipients and why it matters even more now

If you have more than one account for a payee you can’t immediately distinguish which is which account from the payee list without further clicking. (I’m guessing that most people are very likely to have more than one account in their own name.)
You could (and still can with a not recommended workaround) fix this by setting the displayed name of the recipient when you add it to an annotated name, for example payee Fred Bloggs is set up as Fred Starlingxxxx Bloggs. (or whatever)
This wasn’t ideal when there were no recipient name checks, but it’s worse now because if the annotation throws up a mismatch it renders the warning mismatch message almost useless.
This could be easily fixed by being able to nickname payees and choose to display the nicknames.
Other fintechs have done this.
I can’t see a downside, those who choose not to nickname don’t have to.

I use the workaround. Still works, albeit the CoP system keeps coughing up warnings.

Precisely my point.

Totally agree – it becomes a total mess with multiple accounts for a single person/company (including myself) without the ability to differentiate with an internal note.


I have all my accounts as separate entries under my name - so one contact with multiple accounts - rather than multiple contacts for me.

As I’m on iOS I had to do it manually since the Android ‘merge’ function has never made it to iOS but it wasn’t too hard to do.

Does this not pose you any troubles with the new warning system? Different banks seem to store my name in different ways and are quite frigid about how I enter it, so storing all my different bank details under a single name will have warnings pop up for about half of them.

I don’t give Monzo access to my contacts, there isn’t sufficient granular control.
My issue is merely being able to look at a list of payees and instantly being able to select the correct one without having to take any further steps, so I can’t see how having multiple payees under one contact is a solution anyway.

Nicknames is the best solution

Norbert Nudnik’s Nationwide
Sam Sentient’s Starling
Harry Hoofer’s Halifax
Robert Rosegarten’s Revolut
Fred Firkin’s 1st Direct
Mavis Muppet’s Monzo

works for me…

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This is nothing to do with phone contacts. This is in the Monzo app. It’s the facility they’ve provided for management of a single payee with multiple accounts.

I get that it’s not a solution you may like but it’s what the app provides at the moment for managing this situation.

How do you access that feature? I can’t see it.


I just click on a payee and it shows me a list of ‘Linked Accounts’ with an ‘Add Bank Account’ line at the bottom.

This is a good argument for the Nickname system being discussed but I’d implement it such that the Nickname effectively became the only name attached to the group of accounts and then I’d add an ‘Account Name’ field to each of the accounts where we could put the factually accurate stuff.

Effectively you’d then have a group of accounts, each with their own ‘Account Name’ grouped under a contact with its own name. That way you wouldn’t need nicknames and actual names associated with each account.


Ahh yes now that you mention it I had seen it (and promptly forgotten about it) thanks, it doesn’t solve my issue.

With respect, I don’t like that idea, I’d prefer a simple nick or description for each account, displayable either next to or as a primary list, then if the user then wanted to group different accounts either under a name or a group category (all business for example) that’s an additional extra that could be implemented.

On the grounds that I don’t see either happening, it’s fine to like just about any solution. Given that the grouping is already implemented, however, I don’t envision it being binned and rebuilt from scratch at this point. Maybe two years ago, but not now.

This to me, feels like the perfect and most logical solution, both for this user’s issue, and the issues caused by the new warning system. Hopefully Monzo will add this option soon.

Well that’s very encouraging then…I trust it’s either realism or cynicism but hope it’s not policy…


Policy in that Monzo have stated it is their policy not to implement improvements…(my comment was tongue-in-cheek)


I’m not sure why you’d equate my posted opinion with Monzo policy but it probably doesn’t matter.

I wasn’t confusing your opinion, I was trying to say that I hoped your comment that Monzo would/might not implement (a feature) was based on your personal cynicism and not based on any statement from Monzo that developmental improvements were likely to be shelved/ignored/delayed or whatever.