New Year, no more community for me

It’s the new year and I’m probably going to leave Monzo Community.

I came here in September and enjoyed it at first, but in the last week things have soured and I have been riled and upset by other members. I thought that the Monzo Community would be different and not filled with self-righteous individuals, but it seems that I was wrong. The final straw was one of my posts being flagged up as being inappropriate, when posts to me over the last few days that were went unreported.

I left Facebook after 10 years in August and am now thinking that maybe I don’t want to be on community forums either filled with keyboard warriors that seem to think they know best.

Shame, I thought Monzo was different.

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Happy New Year Ray

Good luck out there

Do not know you as a full person, online communities and all, but shame to see you go



Thanks Michael. Happy 2019 to you too.

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Good luck to everything you do, pity you did not like the forums!

Good luck and happy new year :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Dipper.

I liked the forums, just not some of the people that are on them. I don’t think I’m right for this kind of thing.


Happy New Year @anon10222739 (and everyone else).

I hope you all manage to do what makes you happy in 2019!


@anon10222739 It’s a shame you’re going. You’ve become one of those regular faces of the forum who’s input is always appreciated. If you’ve already decided to go though I wish you all the best for 2019. Please consider coming back though :grin::wave:

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Thanks for your replies. I appreciate your comments but I’m afraid I’ll be asking for my account to be anonymised in the next few days.

The OP reeks of self-indulgence.

If you wanted to complain about specific behaviour, then either (a) report the individuals concerned and let the admin tackle it, or (b) make a topic to specifically identify them (no doubt against the spirit of the forum, but at least we’d know who/what you’re on about and could make our own decisions as to how upsetting it is).

If you have decided to leave, do so. Creating a “woe is me, I shall depart this place, flounce” topic where you don’t identify what’s upset you to this level is of no use to anyone, other than existing as a device to gain sympathy.

Apologies for brusqueness, but “new year, new me” etc.


I’ve seen some of these posts (my own included) and you seem to find the negative in them, when to me they are relatively innocent. If the same happened on Facebook and that is with a group of people that you control, then as you mentioned, it sadly doesn’t seem like online communities are for you :pensive:

When you said that you were leaving in another topic I said that nobody should take anything personally online and that is still relevant here. Either ignore, report or say your bit and move on. Life is too short!

I echo what other people are saying. It’s a shame you’re going and that you feel this way.

All the best!


Hi everyone,

I can imagine this conversation might not take a very productive route, so I’m going to close it. I believe everything that needs to be said has been said.

Thank you!