New Week


Happy Monday Everyone!

Let’s hope the Monzo service is a lot more stable this week. I wonder what surprises the team have in store for us?


Morning Jamie

Have good week


We’ll see. Status still indicating issues with feed updates and push notifications/ Major outage on app (prepay) or maybe Monzo forgot to update the status?


That’s a good point Rosie.

Maybe someone in the :mondo: team will see this and update us accordingly?

(Hugh) #5

I mean, is it working as normal? If so, someone has probably forgotten :stuck_out_tongue:

Else, it is operating at degraded performance to stop GPS’ systems falling apart!


They’re setting an expectation. So if it’s working, you’ll be elated.

(Tristan Thomas) #7

We’re hoping to remove that message early this week, :crossed_fingers: maybe today if all goes well. In reality, you should see almost all of your transactions come through in realtime, but we want to be sure!