New "Payday!" Notification

Is this new? :eyes:

Either way, looks good! :grimacing:



It’s been in for a while now, easy to miss though if you’re paid overnight!

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Nah, normally it just showed as an inbound payment. I don’t get paid by BACS y’see…

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I get paid by direct credit so can’t remember what I saw this month.

Ah it may have been new for non direct credit pay!

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Just out of interest, how do you get paid… is it a faster payment? And have you done something in the past to mark it as your salary?

I get paid by bank transfer, so will be interesting to see if it works for me. Get paid on the last day of the month, so will be a while before I can report back.

Yea, faster payments.

And I think it’s probably because I select it within the Summary? Not sure - but maybe Monzo’s just learnt… Hopefully someone from Monzo can provide some insight.

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It’d be nice to be able to tag a specific payment(s) as “Salary” so the Monzo can notify me of more payments from those sources.

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I’d bet 20p that’s it, as I had the same thing happen…

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