New (non-crowdfunded) investment round

I know that this is in the in the media thread, but am surprised nobody posted here too, as it’s obviously of (a different kind of) relevance.


So I’ve doubled my shares? OMG I’M RICH!!!

(I mean, I can’t really sell my shares, and I don’t have that many anyway, so … yeah, still poor :money_with_wings: )


So… who is going to take a stab at what this means for the share price?


first crowdfund was about 50p a share I bought 2000 shares for my £1,000 the company valuation was £30,000,000

£2,000,000,000 divided by £30,000,000 = ~ 67

are my shares ( if I could, or wanted to sell them )worth £67,000 ? - no, they are going to be “worth” around £28,000 ( ~£14 / share ) still not bad if I could , would sell them, for around 3 years (April 16) “investment” of £1,000 in “Mondo”

  • Dilution eh :slight_smile:
  • they are “worth” what anybody is prepared to pay for them …

Out of curiosity, where did you get the £14 a share from? (that would be circa double the last crowdfund but as you say due to dilution may not be accurate) albeit I have literally no idea how to work out the relative share price, as, as you say due to the illiquidity they’re still “worthless”

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I used the stick your finger in the air and see which way the wind is blowing method :slight_smile: , just really doubling the £7 for £1bn valuation x 2, - without knowing how much of the company was “sold” to calculate any dilution its just a guess


Haha to be fair, might not be a bad guess! :laughing: seeing as the figure being touted is £2.5bn it may be a little over £14 a share but it is literally anybody’s guess due to all the variables.

It seems weird that it has been this long from our relative “knowledge” of the YC funding that it was announced - maybe due to all the FCA regs, just seems a bit weird.

$2.5 bn I thought was mentioned equating to around £2bn ? what’s a few million either way :slight_smile:

Wow, I didn’t realise the exchange rate would hit that hard!

I appreciate the shares are “worth” whatever people pay for them, we can’t know that until they are publicly traded, yada, yada, yada.

But as shareholders, are we not entitled to know how many shares YC got for their £133 million? And that way work out the latest price.

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Will Monzo give us any chance to invest in any post-funding valuation crowdfunding to protect us from the dilution?
I guess no :confused:

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Short answer: No (I don’t think we have a legal obligation)

Monzo can issue more shares, and it looks like they continually issue different classes of shares as opposed to the same class.

Monzo will eventually need to register annual statements, and the issue/ investment and this is a public document, so will be viewable at some point. Unfortunately that won’t directly tell you what the relative share price is.

We don’t have pre-emption rights as part of our class of shares, hence no opportunity to re-invest prior to any new investor coming in. The original larger investors may have this as part of their class of shares, but I’m not sure without delving into the company’s articles.

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Looking at companies house, do the Statement of capital following an allotment of shares filings not spell that out?

Slight tangent, anybody get tickets to the investor event? I didn’t get them within the 3 seconds they were up, p*ssed me off.

I’ve had a look at those and it is quite confusing. The £96 million figure looks to be the relative value in GBP of the crowd fund, but the allotment of shares is only circa 7,000. Which would equate to circa £13,000 a share - which I very much doubt. I don’t think the two documents are linked - hence why I think we need to wait for some further annual statements before we can make any sort of educated guess.

I’m not going as based too far away, but they were selling them over the course of a week or so, and it seemed that they were getting “easy” to get if you were there when they released.

Anyone know the official share price after the latest funding round?

We will find out the share price, we just need to wait a bit longer.

The shares for this round have probably been issued already and they will need to submit Companies House filings which will show the price paid for the shares. However, that information isn’t up yet and it could take another 4-6 weeks.

That said, Monzo will probably disclose the share price soon and the price will be available at

I think it is slightly different for Staff Options as they have the ability to sell back their shares at the most recently paid for share price, which isn’t quite what the shares are currently worth.

Sure you can work out what they were last sold for, but that doesn’t really mean anything for crowd-funders due to the illiquidity. The last sold for price =/= the current relative share price.

I think the £96 million statement of capital is the YC funding (not 100% sure on this though) - this doesn’t say how many shares were bought though, as I said, we may need to wait for some more filings.

I appreciate the ‘crowd’ can’t sell back their shares (most of the time, neither can employees) but I was just referring to the part of the options website that shows the last price the shares were sold at.

That number (currently £7.7145) will be updated once they disclose the share price paid in this new round.


Think some of us earlier investors had some rights around dilution prior to that whole crowdcube vote fiasco. Those are no longer as people voted to reduce their rights for the purpose of uniformity

I don’t think you did - you were changing some of the terms and conditions between yourself and Crowdcube (as they hold the shares for you) - not the class of shares you have.

The Share Class (and what they mean in terms of rights) are held within the Company’s Articles of Association and so therefore it would take a 75% agreement of all shareholders (if my memory serves correctly) to change the Company’s Articles - although the Companies Act do allow for pre-emption rights to be waived if certain shares are being issued, I don’t think these are those types of shares.