Share Dilution

Regarding the upcoming new crowdfunding round - are there any stats/helpful calculations about how much it would take to avoid dilution from previous investments?

I have invested in two previous rounds and Monzo/crowdcube quite helpfully calculated for you how much you would need to invest based on your previous allocation to avoid dilution but don’t see anything around that this time.

From @tom himself:

I was a Crowdcube investor personally in the last round. Like all other Crowdcube investors, I’ll look at this round now and figure out if it’s a good investment for me or not. What’s my appetite for risk? Do I have £X spare? How would I feel if I potentially lost it all? Do I have better opportunities to invest £X somewhere else? Can I afford to lock away £X and potentially not have access to it for 7 or 10 years? To me personally, maintaining a precise percentage shareholding is much less important than making a sensible investment decision.

[£X amounts edited for this context]

Original post:

I think the dilution equates to about 10%. However the £2000 limit also equates to about 10%, assuming you put max in each round.

However I did these numbers quickly in my head and so accuracy is dubious (but I think not too far from par)