Any plans for a new crowdfunding round?

It feels like it’s been an age since the last one. Any plans for another?

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<0.1% chance.

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Chance of IPO greater then?

By definition!

I think the crowdfunding is incredibly expensive to administer and they can get more money, quicker, by going the traditional routes.

But with the worldly turmoil, the IPO is probably getting further away not closer.

Yeah - 2022 is definitely not going to be the year of IPOs…

I personally can’t see Monzo doing another crowdfund ever - sometimes I get the feeling they have forgotten they actually have shareholders.

I certainly don’t feel seen by Monzo, as someone who theoretically holds over £50k I may as well not have any shares considering the level of Comms, updates or consideration etc.

“Guys we need to raise some money, let’s ask our shareholders if they want to help out”
“Nah sod em, let’s just sell shed loads more shares to a VC at a reduced price and then award ourselves some more options to make up the difference … after all what did our crowdfunding shareholders ever do for us?”

(Last bit may just be my ranting, I can’t confirm if they have given themselves more options, I can confirm the market cap more than tripled but the share price didn’t even double)


Regardless of what Monzo may or may not have said when inviting people to invest, none of this is a benefit of holding shares in a company. It’s simply an investment; a gamble, if you like.


I don’t think they’ve forgotten but the shareholders of a start-up are likely very different to an established bank in terms of money offered. So they’re (probably) focused on those folk instead.

With the crowdfunding, I planned for the worst and hoped for the best:

Worst - All the money I invested would disappear due to a failure of the business to continue
Best - Monzo is (a) purchased by a larger bank and its ‘value’ (as of now) is used and I get chance to cash out or (b) an IPO sends the value through the roof and I decide to sell or keep.

Anything in-between would be better than worst.

Caribbean island with private airport here I come. It’s only a matter of time. Like all those monkeys and typewriters in the same room.

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Disappointed your message wasn’t an insight into crowdfunding in the app code :frowning:

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My string/feature-flag eye is constantly scanning for assets in the libraries such as:


Once something like that drops, us investors be laffin’*

*Investments can go down as well as up. Or stay the same. Seek professional financial advice for best results. Sequence shortened for effect. Also consider crypto for rapid wallet-gain/loss