We've just closed a new funding round!

I think that it’s appalling that crowdfund investors weren’t given the opportunity to participate in this down round.

Happy to take crowd money on the way up but not down.

Particularly when management have taken millions off the table, and crowdfunding investors haven’t been given the opportunity to do the same.

It most definitely isn’t “appalling”. No one is entitled to anything, and if Monzo can raise some much needed funds more easily and quickly through VC, they most certainly should.

Otherwise people would be moaning here that the crowdfunding round further decreased valuations or something.

Monzo aren’t on the “way down”. It’s a temporary blip due to the massive global pandemic affecting millions, if not billions, of people


I never said crowdfunders we’re entitled to it. It’s just my view they should have.

Their valuation is on the way down…

I very much hope that’s all it is. No one can say with any degree of certainty either way, we just have to wait and see.

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Most of the 40% is down to COVID but I imagine some is down to the lack of features and lack in growth of revenue streams I.e. plus

Which they launched and failed twice before COVID


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Hi @tristan, thank you for the update, and well done for raising further funds. I hope they keep Monzo going for as long as necessary.

ACTION NO LONGER REQUIRED - EMAIL FOUND (though I’ve left my original statement below so @Ordog’s reply makes sense)

You mention all investors through CrowdCube had been informed by email yesterday. This appears not to have worked for at least some investors. I’ve invested in all available rounds, and received no email. I suspect I’m not the only investor in this position. Could you please investigate and confirm back to us what’s happened? Thank you.

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They sent it from hello@monzoemail.com if you need to check your spam box or anything? and the subject was ‘An update on your Monzo shares’.


Thank you. I had checked, and searched my email for “Monzo”, which had come up with nothing. However, inexplicably, my junk folder does contain those emails.

Will edit my original post. Thanks again, @Ordog


The old nemisis, the junk folder :frowning:

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I am absolutely appalled by some of the tones from certain members in this thread. It appears to be the same people around the community too.

Just because someone has only invested say £10, and you’ve invested say £1000, does not mean that their opinion as an investor is any less valuable. The only difference is in wallet size. You’re still all human.

The way some of these replies are worded I personally feel is creating a “the big spenders” and the “the nobodies” type of situation and is unacceptable.

This community is really becoming quite a vile playground for a certain few people which is sad.

But getting back to the topic at hand, thank you for the update Tristan. One hopes that 2018 investors will start seeing an increase in the near future.


If this was announced I would have invested something how odd that I fail to get opportunity

It wasn’t a public funding round so no one really got to invest. And further up lots of people, including Monzo, explain why exactly they chose to go down this path. It’s old news at this point


You’ll be saying that about bitcoin again in 5 years :wink:

What an utter disappointment. I was naive to think that Monzo was a company that wouldn’t dilute the shares of its loyal customer base. I guess we’re just nobodies to them, since we don’t have the protection of an anti dilution clause. :no_mouth:

Well the alternative was your shares being worth nothing because they run out of money


That’s quite the stretch.

which round / s did you buy in ? , how much have you been diluted ?

It’s difficult to tell exactly how much we were all diluted. I invested in 2018. The subsequent private investment round was at a 2bn valuation and was of 130mil, each share was over 13, but now they have issued at least 40% of those shares again because the private investors were protected by a non dilution clause.

Sadly this is probably only the first red flag. I can’t imagine it will be the last, they’ve just demonstrated they have no interest in protecting the crowdfunding investors.

I don’t think that someone not doing something they never promised to do is too much in the way of grounds for a complaint personally. Maybe a little more checking before buying was the thing to do here if this was going to be important to you?