New look Monzo - What do you want to keep from Summary and Pulse?

That’s a good suggestion. I already have an SO to the joint account as well as some personal DDs that go out on the 1st which is a sort-of start of the period.

The only time I think this could be an issue is when payday is the last day of the month as well.

Na. It’s ironically better this way, as it allows you to allocate what you’ve spent to what budget.

I pay as I go with Tandem and each time I pay I can allocate it to the correct part of the budget.

I voted for both “useless” and “good for nothing”. Pulse doesn’t add any value for me and is just visual clutter. Summary should be way more flexible, as it stands I never go on that tab. I keep track of all my expenses in a separate spreadsheet, so maybe I’m not in the target audience, but I can’t help but think there must be a better way that works for more people. Maybe have some options for what you want to see instead of just giving everyone a big circle and some nudges. I appreciate it’s a difficult design challenge though.

That being said, I absolutely love Monzo. I use it abroad for and for most of my spending in the UK - just not a big fan of these two features. Really excited about the redesign!

Having had functionality like the summary then I’d be in the same boat, moving to a bank that had that or it could be achieved in some way. It’s just too useful to lose.

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I agree, Summary is pretty much the only tab that I use regularly.
Setting a spending amount for the month and having the app check progress against it keeps me on track and, I think, is a key differentiator between Monzo and other backs.

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I think that being that being able to set a spending amount without any underlying budget categories is a very useful feature.
I wouldn’t like to see the app be constrained to the spending amount having to be the total of the individual budgets. I think it’s useful to be able to have a small float on top of the budgets for unexpected spending.

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That’s a fair point.

Maybe just a prompt under the main budget slider saying “all your category budgets total £xx” would be useful. Simple and doesn’t force anyone into a constrained budget.

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I agree, I think that would work perfectly.

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful” Mae West

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Added it as a suggested feature.


Summary is great. What I’d like to see is this information at the forefront of the app. For me it’s the most important thing to look at. As I set myself a tight budgets and like to keep on top of it.
I used almost every aspect of summary, I don’t think any of it was excessive.


That is key


i would really appreciate a weekly budget/left to spend as i get paid weekly so it’s not much use to me at the minute but i would love to make use of those features

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Summary: I’d love to see an estimated daily budget available, rather than having me need to work this out manually.


Until other inputs are sorted (custom payday, smarter tagging of Salary (when its not BACS), and custom categories), Summary is useless to me.

And personally I love the Pulse graph option in the poll!! :fire: :fire: :fire: (but equally, just make it a toggle-able selection somewhere as I know others like it).

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My something else for summary was the difference between my balance and commited spend when I don’t have enough… Don’t know if this just counts as left to spend, as it essentially is but in negative!

I couldn’t care less about pulse but am one of the “can’t live without summary” people. Without most the features I ticked I’d have to go back to having a separate spreadsheet, manually transferring money into a pot then out on the day before, or having calendar reminders and basically spending the month worrying about going overdrawn. That or switch all my bills to another bank account with a other bank which would be horrendous (when I was with a legacy bank I had two accounts to manage this).

I have retained my legacy bank accounts for this exact reason.

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Does the tagging of salary change the way Summary works?

Have to say I would like it if Summary became more of a powerful tool as right now the budgeting system doesn’t really work for me and I tend to just use the “left to spend” amount as my guide.

I get paid weekly, with an occasional dividend bump (I’m a contractor, i control all of this myself but it comes as Faster Payments which apparently means its tricky for Monzo to monitor or something).

But those custom dates are the issue. A weekly salary is predictable but the additional dividends or not. Plus sometimes I have a second income which I pass through Monzo into Marcus (for better saving) and that skews things again.

YMMV etc etc

Do you have a full budget set-up or just use the ‘base’ summary? - In which case it shouldn’t skew the “left to spend” figure, should it? (I actually don’t know this) - albeit this isn’t fully utilising summary/ budgets.

I think Summary works well, however Budgets (the formatting of, dates, flexibility etc) can definitely be improved. Since I dropped budgets I’ve actually enjoyed summary a lot more.

I don’t use it at all. It’s far too convoluted to be of use to me when my current setup works fine. Bills from a different account, joint bills from our joint account, Monzo for ‘cash’ spending through the month.

I have a spreadsheet.

All I really need to know is how much I have in my account as I know how much my weekly pay is. Simple.