New look Monzo - What do you want to keep from Summary and Pulse?

Yeah I get what you mean - kinda feel like this is the hurdle summary is going to have to really try to get over - people are happy/comfortable with their set up.

As I say, I really only use the “left to spend” figure on the new nav as this takes into account all my committed spend so I know what is “safe to spend” and the rest of my “budgeting” is done with a finger in the air, “have I got enough in my account”.

Think this is where Monzo need to focus efforts after the new nav is complete (albeit that wont be for a while).


Real funny how much people hate the graph. It’s a nice lil addition, though happy to give it up for better things.

You need to ask your credit card provider to add budgeting features. How can Monzo possibly support your use case.

Hey @robaldred, not really sure what you are suggesting to be honest :joy:

I’ve looked back through the comments (it was quite a while ago), but not sure I was asking for budgeting features or a CC integration?

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