New Login Screen

And with that, the removal of all traces of Pulse V1…

All hail nuPulse!

looks really nice


Aw I’m going to miss that woman. Endlessly trolling about London looking at the Pulse.

I mentioned her recently on the new Trends thread. I knew someone would see it and kill her off. She’s been forgotten about until then.


Is the card trying to hula hoop? :thinking:

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It’s halo has slipped

The raw vid is here (for a short while)

I still have her roaming around when I try & login to the :monzo: app, so the new login screen may be a 4.49.0 thing (iOS has 4.49.0, Android not yet)

EDIT: :android: 4.49.0 landed earlier today. I still have the video login display though :man_shrugging: