New Marketplace Category

(Alex Wheatley) #1

With the focus on a marketplace and API integration in coming months, would it be an idea to have a new category on these forums where each company could have an individual thread? I say this because I’ve noticed a few threads have had company representatives come and answer a few questions, taking the thread itself off topic. Saw it most recently with Emma on the competitor news thread which was interesting to read but not entirely related

Especially when you consider how deep some of the integrations are planing to be, i.e. Bulb, it would be nice to have a thread where specific questions could be answered or whatever going forward, what do you all think?

(Hugh) #2

Good idea.

Maybe something @Naji or @simonb in his new role can take a look at :slight_smile:

(Simon B) #3

I think that could work.

We will shortly be re-organizing the categories anyway (for example, it doesn’t make sense to have separate “Monzo” and “Current Account” categories anymore)

(Bowen) #4

Just got back from visiting my parents in China. Only been around a year since I was there and their mobile finance marketplace could show a benchmark where Monzo can go.
Wherever I went, including micro vendors in the wet market (where Cantonese people by their grocery daily, and usually doing business with individuals) are using “scan-to-pay” via Alipay or WeChat pay. And the user experience is super snazy :zap:. Only thing you need to worry about when going out is if your phone got enough battery juice.
And within the app you can top up your phone, buy tube tickets, order take away, order and pay for taxi. And their instant access investing saving account offers eye watering 4% annualized return. Together with Al powered lending and overdraft, etc. etc.
Would really like to see Monzo turn into that. Also, it would be beneficial to think about APIs for small business owners who currently rely on tons different apps to do book keeping and invoicing tracking. As Monzo has the potential to eliminate the cost to hire a person just do invoicing comparison which I was told is the number 1 headache from a friend of mine who is running (try to) his own business.


It may be good to archive old posts, particularly in country threads, as readers could be misguuded on ability to use or not use their current card at certain ATM or merchants based on comments posted by users of the prepaid card.