New Card Design Request

I would like the number removed. We can access it in the app so no real need for it and it’s safer without.


What if you lose your phone?

What if you lost your card? After all it’s only recently the card number has been available to view in app.

I would like them to take the approach Apple has with the upcoming Apple Card, i.e.

  • No account info on the physical card other than my name

  • The card number associated to the physical card being different from the card number you can view in app for online purchases etc, and being able to regenerate a new card number for online purchases on the fly. This would mean in cases such as the BA hack, affected customers would not need new physical cards (it would have been the virtual card number used - which could easily be changed in the event of a hack).

  • following on from last point it also means that if your physical card was stolen it couldn’t then be used for online purchases, and you can freeze and replace the physical card without affecting your Apple Pay card/in app card number used for online purchases.

  • CVC code could be refreshed in app with each online purchase.

I would definitely like to see a redesign of Monzo’s card.

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You could contact Monzo and get a new card in a day or two. In the meantime you can use Apple or Google Pay for most offline transactions.

It’s not as easy to replace a phone and how are you meant to buy a new phone if you can’t use your card online because it doesn’t have a CVC or card number on the card?

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In the 15+ years I’ve had a mobile phone, I’ve never once lost one.
Over that same period I have lost or misplaced cards though :man_shrugging:
Just my personal experience and so the Apple approach for me seems better.

In the event that I did lose my phone, and needed to make an online transaction, I would still have my iPad with any cards I have added in Apple wallet so would not be a problem.

There is always a chance some situation may happen which means any 1 approach may turn out worse in that particular scenario, but for most situations and for ongoing day to day security, I prefer the approach I’ve mentioned.

I have needed 2 new cards over time and both times Apple pay did NOT work till i received my new card.
My old bank managed to let me still use Apple pay.

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I’ve lost my card a few times and if you unfreeze your card on Monzo, Apple Pay will work. You just need to remember to refreeze your card after you make a purchase.

Ideally, you’d be able to freeze your card then unfreeze the virtual wallet functionality:

Sadly, I haven’t been this fortunate.

If you lose or misplace your card you can freeze it in the Monzo app, unfreeze it when you want to pay for something online or with a virtual wallet, then refreeze.

Although the ability to unfreeze only your virtual wallet capabilities would make a much more pleasant UX.

Quite a few people (myself included) don’t have the money for an iPad.

I think the current system is currently better (at least until Monzo have a fully-featured web interface) because even if your card is stolen and used fraudulently you’d quickly realise to freeze your card thanks to instant notifications and then Monzo would refund you the amount lost.

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