New Card Delivery Time

(Anthony Morgans) #21

Hi Bob
Senior moment I’m afraid. I actually registered on 28 July and it was on a Monzo community post that I saw the 1 to 3 weeks mentioned by another new client.


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(Bob) #22

Have you already topped up £100 and now waiting for your card to arrive? If so email support at: with your details and they should be able to help you out.

I think the 1 to 3 week wait was for the queue to top up?

(Marta) #23

1-3 weeks is waiting time in the queue, before you top up £100, but this can be skipped with golden ticket. Monzo definitely wouldn’t have us waiting 2 weeks for card! :smiley:

Once top up is complete, card should be with you within 2-3 days for most areas, if you’ve been waiting a week, then most likely there was a problem somewhere along the line. :wink: As @BobT said, only option is to email and they’ll do their best to figure out where your card is! :slight_smile:

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(carol-ann freeman) #24

Hi, I’ve ordered my monzo card this afternoon via the golden ticket so it’s now on its way. I’ve uploaded the £100 etc. However, I urgently need it by 9am Wednesday morning as I leave to travel Asia. (This card was a last minute recommendation) please can you tell me if it’s going to arrive in time or if there is anything you can do to speed up getting it to me by tomorrow please?! [@monzo mention removed by @alexs]

(Bob) #25

If you loaded the £100 before 3.30pm today there’s a good chance you’ll receive your card in the post either tomorrow or Wednesday, however you’re at the mercy of Royal Mail and the remoteness of your letterbox.
Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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(Alex Sherwood) #26

Hi Carol,

The card’s are sent 1st class so hopefully, yours will arrive tomorrow.

Since your card is already on it’s way, the only way to pick it up sooner would be to collect it from Monzo’s office.

If that won’t work for you, I’d recommend messaging the support team by emailing

I’ve removed the @monzo mention from your post, as it would have sent a notification to every member of the team in this community, many of whom aren’t part of the support team.

I’ve also moved your post here, in case the earlier advice that’s been posted here is of any use & to keep all of the information about this type of situation in one place, to make them easy for other users to find. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

(carol-ann freeman) #27

@alexs I ordered around 5:00pm so may not arrive tomorrow :frowning:

Is there anyway of pushing this out tomorrow please rather than Wednesday

If not is there a way to transfer the money back to my bank account from
Wednesday to use on my travels without the card please?

(Janet Erwin) #28

I got mine today, when they said I would, but you should also give it a day or two like any post office delivery. My app said let them know if it doesn’t turn up after a few days.

(Hugh) #29

If you live in London you can email/DM Monzo and see if you can pop by to pick up the card!

There isn’t really a way to get the money back easily without the card (ATM or PayPal debit) but if you email the team they can BACS it back to you.

(giorgio mangherini) #30

Hi, I just received the notification that I can have the card! I just wanted to know if I pay now could I receive the card by tomorrow? Becouse I’m leaving tomorrow night and I would like to bring Monzo card with me! Thank you


I suggest if it that urgent you contact Monzo customer services rather than post on the forum

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Just signed up for a card. Will be going on holidays Monday 21st August so wondering how long it will take. It says I’m in a queue with thousands ahead of me.

(Simon B) #33

I’ll send you a private message.

(Stacey Doeg) #34

How would I get the initial £100 top up refunded if I don’t receive my card before I travel. If I can top up the card using the app, can I withdraw back to my funding card. I’m travelling this Friday morning, do you think it will arrive on time.

(Alex Sherwood) #35

If you use a golden ticket from this topic to jump the queue then you’re pretty much guaranteed to receive the card in time.

If you don’t, I’d recommend using the card in the UK & if you don’t want to, these are your options -

I’ve moved your post here, as there’s some more advice from users about this earlier in the thread.

(Jonathan brooks) #36

Hi all,

Travelling on 27th August and just ordered my monzo card - another 30,000 in front of me - will i get it in time?

Otherwise I need to look elsewhere.



@Jonty I’ll message you now with a golden ticket to bypass the queue! :grinning:

(Alex Sherwood) #38

Hi, I’ve moved your post here as hopefully all the info you need’s been shared earlier in the thread. It looks like Infamous is going to help you out here anyway :slight_smile:

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(emma martin) #39

I applied for a card today and am 30000 in the que. I travel on the 6th September, will I get it in time?

Also once I put money onto the card can I get it back or does it stay there until I use it? Is this card just available at an ATM or do I get a pin to use it like that?


(Caspar) #40

Have a look on the golden ticket thread. Click one of the new links (you can opt in to be notified when a new post is added) and you can bump straight to the front of the queue.