Sidekick: boost your mental wellbeing

Hi everyone,

I wanted to introduce you to a little project I’ve been working on with a friend called sidekick.

sidekick is a non-profit community creating tools, organising information and encouraging positive conversations about mental health. Our website is at Our mission is to ‘empowering people to support their own mental health; helping them develop the confidence and resilience to overcome the barriers to achieving their full potential’

Over the past couple of years, as a side project, I’ve developed with a friend the sidekick app ( It’s currently just on iOS at the moment, but we’re working on the Android app now. And this is potentially where you might come in.

We are growing our community of volunteers who are passionate about mental health and share our beliefs and mission. So far we have around 12 people helping us with everything from marketing, graphic design and Android development.

We are looking to grow the community and as such as looking for people who might want to join us. All we ask is you have a skillset you’re passionate about using and that you share our beliefs.

We’re specifically looking for a community manager; someone who can manage our forum (we’re using the same platform, Discourse, as Monzo) and help grow our community and reach, as well as any Android developers who have some spare time. I am learning Android from scratch right now, having built the iOS app fully alone, and we have a very junior developer who is helping me.

There is no ‘job spec’, no ‘time commitment’ - we are looking for people to give as much or as little as they want and can.

If it looks interesting, do drop me a line here or on

Would also love some feedback on the current app, whether it be UX feedback, content ideas, feature ideas, or whatever you feel like sharing. You can download here:

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I’ve only had a quick squint at the app before I have to get back to work, but the first thing I’d say is you should not fire off the notifications permission request as soon as you open the app and without any explanation of what notifications to expect.

Having an app ask permission to interrupt me, before I even know what it does, is a bit of a turn off – and frankly I always hit Don’t Allow in those cases.


This is the equivalent of a website popping up to ask my to complete a feedback survey as soon as I open the page.

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thanks for this feedback. really good to know - the notifications are useful from the feedback we’ve got so i wouldn’t want people to hit ‘don’t allow’ just because i’m asking for it in the wrong place. Will amend in the next update!

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