Vero social media app

(Eve) #1

Have you guys heard of the Vero app that people have been talking about recently? It promises no ads and a chronological flow with none of that algorithm mess on Instagram and Facebook.
Looks promising, but it seems like you give them permission to use your content and this can’t be revoked. I think it’s the same on other social media, but it seems iffy!
Is anyone using it and what do you think about it so far? I’ve found a lot of artists and creatives on there so hopefully it works out for small businesses who are affected by Instagram. Personally can’t get used to the layout at all.


That’s indeed the same everywhere. Realistically you couldn’t run such an app without having a “non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty free” license (this is not a quote, but a description of the type of terms I’d usually expect)…

Here is FB’s version:

you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide licence to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP Licence).


I quite like the UI from the App Store screenshots, will have to give it a try.

Personally I’m not concerned about the licensing - anything that I would value (creative work, code, etc) would be posted on my personal website anyway.

I would however be more concerned about the long-term stability of the platform; there have been plenty of attempts before (, Ello, etc) and none really took off. Outside of specific circles/industries (which already have established players - LinkedIn, Dribbble, etc), the appeal of a social network is that it becomes mainstream and everyone is on it, and personally I don’t see it happening with this one given it hasn’t happened with any of the previous attempts.


This right here is why I resist trying the new social apps out.

I appreciate that it’ll need an audience to generate an audience… But I don’t know enough people who would be willing to give this (or any other social app) a chance.

It’s come down to Facebook or nothing for the vast majority (excluding the “media” based apps like Snapchat/Instagram etc).

(Eve) #5

It looks slick but the amount of people trying to sign up to it has made it so buggy. I’ve connected with a few amazing artists and followed their Instagram accs too so I guess it has its uses, but I remember several similar apps like Mint(?) where everyone was scrambling to “save” usernames and get verified and it devolved into an unmanaged mess.

I did like the app and how you could repost pictures and still have it linked to the original account, but so many just fail. This seems to have a lot of influencers pushing for it, but I’m also cynical about it since so many just fade into obscurity.

I’ve stopped using Facebook, it doesn’t really appeal to me anymore since I never see any of what my friends are posting and it’s flooded with stuff from pages I have liked. I only go on it sometimes to look at news/ what is trending, though Twitter is usually faster. Most of my peers are on Instagram back home, but in the UK Twitter/Snapchat is still used more.

(Richard Cook) #6

Downloaded it this morning. Not sure why.

It’s a bit of a ghost town at the moment.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big Facebook fan - I’ve just resigned myself to the fact it’s still the main player (certainly amongst my friends/acquaintances), and any attempt to try a new exciting alternative usually ends in a waste of time!

(Eve) #8

A lot of people are downloading it since they don’t want to miss out on the promise of free use for the first 1 million users! Just holding on to their account, but not really posting on it.

(Richard Cook) #9

I did this for so many social networks! Remember Or “” (now something else)?


I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that they will be charging membership soon? Seen loads of ‘celebrities’ post about it, but not took the plunge myself as I didn’t want to get attached to a social site that was going to introduce charges.

(Eve) #11

They’ll charge afterwards, but the first 1 million users will have it free forever. Probably to get everyone to sign up (for fear of missing out on the offer).


Oh, the fear. It’s keeping me awake all night :rofl:

(Herp Derp) #13

It’s been described as the “new Instagram” and a “Facebook killer” :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:

(Eve) #14

The guy starting it seems dodgy though, saw this on this photographer’s IG story. (It’ll disappear in a few hours so you’ll have to be quick). Ethics and diversity is completely out the window


Screenshot? I think I missed it :sob:

(Simon B) #16

I’ve signed up.

They did one thing recently that I found interesting - and I wouldn’t be surprised if they pivoted towards this rather than the generic “social network” thing.

There’s a photographer by the name of Robert Whitman. Back in 1977, he was behind the camera for the very first professional photoshoot of a 19 year old musician from Minneapolis who was about to be signed to Warner Brothers. That musician? Prince.

Anyway, Robert recently released a book with all his Prince photos from that session in, and it was exclusively sold through Vero.

That’s actually how I heard about the site.

(Jon) #17

I signed up, but I’m a Billy-no-mates on there at moment. :frowning:

(Eve) #18

It’s still there! But I’ll put the photos under cut here


@simonb it reminds me a little of how sites like shopstyle/ liketoknowit work, it would allow content creators to link to an external shop/ affiliate links better on each individual post. It could be good if done well but I’m mostly hoping IG steals all these ideas and implements them. And gives us back the chronological feed. I didn’t realise how much I missed it till I realised I could see content from everyone I followed properly.

(lewis oconnor) #19

I thought I’d give Vero ago, I plan to post foodie pics of places to eat around Manchester and possibly ago for when I try out photography if anyone would like to give me a follow? :blush: ‘lewis O’Connor’

(Eve) #20

I’m in Manchester! :tada: the app is so broken I can barely open it though. I doubt anyone would be able to find you